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Welcome to my webpage! 

Here you will find updates, reminders, celebrations and missed assignments (eventually).  Please check back often!!


- You are more than welcome to take home your comp book and study EVERY night (I highly encourage it!) BUT you MUST bring it back to school with you the next day.  Otherwise, you face receiving a negative with no warning because we use our comp books DAILY.


So Ms. Davis and I spent a few days this summer making videos for our kids who are out sick for a prolonged time or the ones who have been assigned to DAEP (Edge) and will miss a good chunk of instruction.  The following link is for the upcoming unit, Chemical Formulas & Reactions.


Here is another video about how to recognize a balanced equation versus an unbalanced equation.  Ms. Davis did this for her class when she was out last week, but still has GREAT information.



The link for Forces: balanced/unbalanced video is here:



Chemical Formulas & Reactions Unit

Vocabulary is due Thursday, October 4th.  Here is the link to that page:


Force & Motion

vocabulary is due October 25th.  The link for it is here: