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Welcome to my webpage! 

Here you will find updates, reminders, celebrations and missed assignments (eventually).  Please check back often!!


- You are more than welcome to take home your comp book and study (I highly encourage it!) BUT you MUST bring it back to school with you the next day.  Otherwise, you face receiving a negative with no warning because we use our comp books DAILY.

*Unit 7 Vocabulary is up!* Click the link below:

Unit 7 vocab quiz THIS Friday, 1/12/18

Unit 7 Unit Test: 1/26/18

1/11/18: I added a VERY helpful website for Plate Tectonics and all that is involved with this concept.  Please go to top left and click on “Educational Websites” and there you will find “Plate Tectonics!!!” in red.  Click on that and it will take you to another webpage.  There is some AWESOME graphics, videos and information there that will help you study this subject.  Yes, I have, and will, use some of this information during class, but it is nice to be able to have it whenever you need it.