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Welcome to Mr. Daniel's 6th Grade Science Class!



Greetings all!  The NWEA Test is still going on in other subjects.  6th grade math will be starting theirs today, which means that we are up next.  We have been unofficially scheduled to take ours Sept. 27th and 28th.  Our first unit test will start on Wednesday.  I encourage all students to take their study guide home and spend about 30 minutes a night looking over what we’ve covered in class and asking any lingering questions they may still have.  That is really the only major event we have this week.  It is Homecoming Week, but we will not allow that to distract us from all of the work we have left to do in the classroom.  As always, it is important for students to be in class every day so that they don’t miss out on all of the cool stuff we get to do!      

Week 5 (Sept. 17 – 21) 

Monday:  We will review content covered in unit 1, Elements and Compounds, using our study guide.

Tuesday:  We will continue to review content covered in unit 1 by playing Kahoot!  We will also complete the writing prompt for this test.

Wednesday:  Unit 1 Test  (Wahoo! Wednesday)

Thursday:  We will finish our Unit 1 Test, if necessary, and begin looking at the vocabulary for our next unit, Properties of Matter.

Friday:  We will begin discussing how to measure mass and volume and use those measurements to calculate density.

Next Monday is a teacher workday, so there will be NO SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY THE 24TH!!!  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at jdaniel@esc17.net.  If anything else comes up for this week, I will let you know as soon as I can.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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